Centurion Park 18 Hole Golf Course
Centurion Park members are incredibly proud of our well maintained and challenging golf course, read on for a full description of each hole.


Heddon Off

Hole 1 Heddon Off
A solid drive to the left of the fairway bunkers will set you up for a mid iron to the green, protected by bunkers to the front left and right. The burn runs up the left side of the fairway, where over the trees is out of bounds



Hole 2 The Wagonway
A strong par 4 where care is need with the drive to avoid the bunker hidden from the tee. Another three bunkers protect the green, so an accurate approach shot is vital.



Hole 3 The Well
A good drive to the brow of the hill will leave a short iron down to the green which slopes from back to front. There are bunkers either side of the run up to the hole to catch any miss-hit shots.



Hole 4 Naval Yard
A long par 3 where the green is protected by a bunker at the front right and an out of bounds fence at the back.



Hole 5 The Willows
A dog leg right with the bunkers on the right corner waiting for the big hitters. Any shots landing on the adjacent 3rd fairway to the right is deemed out of bounds (marked with a white line). There is a bunker just short of the green to the left and a green side bunker to the right. Anything pulled to the left may end up on the Coast Road.



Hole 6 West Farm
A drive down the left side of the fairway will leave a long iron to the green which is protected by a bunker on either side. Keep away from the trees on the right or your approach shot may be blocked.



Hole 7 The Village
A short par 4 where the big hitters will try and drive the green, whilst most will play for position down the fairway. There’s a bunker down the left which is hidden from the tee box. A large bunker protects the front of the green and another to the right.



Hole 8 St. Andrews
Another short par 4 that big hitters will attempt to drive. There’s two bunkers to the front of the green. A small one to the left of a large one in the centre, with another smaller bunker to the right of the green. Large trees line the right hand side of the fairway.



Hole 9 Bigges Main
This hole plays as a par 4 from the white tees and a par 3 from the yellow tees for the men, and a par 4 from the red tees for the ladies. There’s a large bunker either side of the green.



Hole 10 Masons
This Par 5 requires a long drive if you are to reach the green in 2. There are bunkers either side of the green.



Hole 11 Bunker Hill
This Par 3 is a definate birdie chance. There’s a Hill to the right of the green and a bunker to the left.



Hole 12 The Bungalows
This Par 4 is a dog leg left down the bank and up the hill to the green. There are two bunkers on the left edge of the fairway waiting for anyone cutting the corner off over the trees. There’s a large bunker in front of the green slightly left and then another bunker to the left of that. A grassy hill protects the right side of the green.



Hole 13 Bottle Bank
This Par 3 slopes down left to right from the tee with a burn running along the right side of the fairway and an out of bounds fence on the left  running along the side of the school field . This short  par 3 can easily ruin your card.



Hole 14 Western Field
This is a long Par 4 which dog legs slightly right. A good drive from this raised tee will leave you with a long iron or wood to the green, which is guarded by a  bunker on either side.



Hole 15 SwansView
This is a lovely par 5 where once you could see the shipyard cranes in the distance. It is a dog leg left with two fairway bunkers on the right hand side waiting to catch the long hitters. There is a burn running across the approach to the undulating raised green which slopes from back to front and has bunkers to the left and right. Beyond the green is an out of bounds fence.



Hole 16 The Tramway
A testing Par 3 over the burn which winds round to the left side of the fairway. The green has bunkers to the left and right.



Hole 17 The Stables
This Par 4 is a dog leg right with a testing tee shot over the burn which runs diagonally across the hole and up the left hand side of the fairway . Trees on the right block any approach shot to the sloping green. Beyond these trees is an out of bounds which is marked with a white line. There is a bunker on the corner of the dog leg and one either side of this testing green



Hole 18 The Pond
The closing hole is a Par 3 usually into a stiff wind. It’s a two tier green with the pond merging to the left and an out of bounds fence along the left of the fairway.




 Extended Membership offer  – 7 days a week     July – September 30th 2023    £225




  1. All players must report/check in at pro-shop before play – and purchase a green fee
  2. The rules of golf must be adhered to in all cases whilst on the course
  3. All golfers MUST have their own bag/clubs – sharing of bags/clubs is not permitted
  4. If a ball is struck over any course boundary – the golfer MUST shout FORE as a warning to warn  any potential  Member of the public.
  5. Any incidents whilst on the course MUST be reported to the pro-shop 
  6. If slow play is causing a backup – please allow golfers to play through
  7. Please shout FORE if a shot is wayward and crosses onto another hole.
  8. Please allow Greens staff right of way at all times.